May geh last day ♥
today i hv to go back to my school for tuition n matching,
so tired ~~~~(>_<)~~~~
then go to school tuition jor,
dad fetch me go geh..
thank u my dad =]

then when matching i feel so tired loh..
that melay people din serius,
always play play..
what the
please serius lah,
when open school geh FRIDAY is HARI SUKAN ady..
we dont have any enough time ady..
i also scare about we cant take 1st ady,
cause another they also so geng already..look like..xD
then i hope we cant win this years..



today so boring..
when morning 8 something dad wake up us to help him pack house,
i want sleep lah~~~~(>_<)~~~~ 
then pack until 10 something i go on9 ady,
also boring=_=
comment gt a little only
then reply jor go see movie..

just nw help mum go out buy thing,
so hot loh!!!
when i back home i fast go back my aircon room with my cola..
nw go do my holiday homework lah,
be a guagualui..



Finally I back ady..
Happy holiday every one..
But in this holiday to me is no a holiday,
Cause I have back school for class tambahan,matching,n training…
I don’t want lah..~~~~(>_<)~~~~
I want holiday…T_T
Go reply comment first..
88 =]


just back from Jusco..
so tired..
there gt many people,
look like Pasar Malam =_=
2mr i maybe dont hv on9 cause i hv to tution..
dont hv any enother time for on9..
so the comment i will late reply..
sry ya..>_<
so tired nw,
i want go sleep lah,
good night my dear friend ♥♥


i finally back ady..
miss u my blog,my dear friend n every thing in here =]
i want say sry to every cause so long time din write my blog ady..
i hv to training,tution,study n more more more..
so din hv time to on9,
nw i in my boardband credit ady,
so can play 5-6 day..

2day when i take bus back home i lost my dompet ady,
be tahan jor~~~~(>_<)~~~~
gt many money geh..
my money..T_T
this week i dont want eat ady..
want give back $$ to my friend..
who can help me??

nw go reply comment lah..
88 =]


肥tutu:佑佑мικσ..14 years old..ipoh..Nice to meet u =]